What’s the point of demi-pointes?

I mean, I know why people wear ’em. To work the ankle and calf, right? And to improve balance? There’s probably more reasons. And they sure do look pretty.

Because they look pretty I would obviously love to own a pair. But I’m really not sure if there’d be any point for me. I’ve started pointe class (ha! see here) and so maybe wearing demis to regular class would help me build up ankle strength for pointe? However nothing, BUT NOTHING is going to work my ankles as hard as actual pointe. And, plus, if I wore demis to class I wouldn’t get the same feel dancing. I’ve loved really working the floor ever since my very first class. Brush brush brush. There’s great value in feeling the floor just naturally with your own feet isn’t there? And real dancers wear their soft shoes at the barre – as far as I’ve seen, which is watching the whole Royal Ballet class on Youtube more times than I’d care to say.

I know what you’re all thinking – ask your teacher! Well, maybe I might. Probably after I’ve written a post about The Thing About Talking To Your Teacher…

4 thoughts on “What’s the point of demi-pointes?

  1. I don’t really get them. :-/ I never used them. I know certain schools use them, but I was trained in slippers and pointe shoes and nothing in between and actually have a hard time believing there’s much that a demi-pointe shoe could offer you besides to get you used to having that bulky box on your foot while dancing on flat, and learning to manage your ribbons properly… both of which can be accomplished with pointes since you have them! I wouldn’t sacrifice the ability to work the foot through the floor in soft slippers just to have pretty shoes… especially since you already HAVE prettier shoes you’re learning to use now 🙂

    • Mos def – I love my satin flatties! Having asked a Real Life Dancer about ’em, she reckoned they were only of use if you needed to train your feet up to withstand hours and hours of dancing Odette/Odile en pointe. Which obviously isn’t the case!

      • Ohhhh… I’m realizing you’re in London… demi-pointes are oh so RAD. I still find them pointeless, but I’m sure you’ll find loads of people there who wore them and swear by them. They just aren’t a part of most modern American classical training so I was totally indoctrinated without them. 😉

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