I just don’t get assemblés


My brain gets it – brush jump, brush jump.

But my body just doesn’t understand!

Normally I can get by on mimetic action before I’ve really got my technique down and get a feel for a step.

But it’s like my body is just slack-jawed and uncomprehending.

I’m going to Youtube chain a whole load of vids to see if this will help something to click.

*Edited after having a search*

I think the two vids below are possibly the most helpful I can find, because they are nice and slow, and show the whole step from start to finish a number of times. I can’t stand those HowCast-esque things that take two minutes to introduce whoever it is and then just show you a step in bits. Rubbish!

Reviewing the above, I think I am getting the basic movement of the step, however it just doesn’t feel right and when I watch myself in the mirror it looks ungainly. I think I have been unsure of how far to brush out the working leg, and I can just bet I haven’t been keeping my spine and trunk as straight and immobile as in the vids! Also I have been unsure of when precisely to jump with the standing leg. Funnily enough I think part of this is the name of the step putting me off – I haven’t been able to connect what I’m doing with “assembling” the feet together.

I’ve only just really gained confidence in the petit allegro – it really has taken me this long to jump without waving my torso around or leaning or whatever. In the last few weeks somehow its clicked and I’m having loads of fun being springy. It great to see your feet really point and extend whilst you’re in the air isn’t it?

Oh and Re. Glissade as in the video above – THAT took me far too long to get my head around. First of all I thought it was called a glissande (sounds like a shampoo) and I thought it was a change of weight from one foot to the other. And I had no idea the plié was the main thing going on in there. Stern Teacher goes Where’s your plié? I’m like it thought it could sit this one out?? Not realising this was the part of the Little Jumps section.

So that has been my YouTube research presentation. My findings indicate a number of points that are causing my body to go “Assem-blehh??!”. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “I just don’t get assemblés

  1. Oh, the beloved Assemblés. It also took me some time to get those…
    The second video is really strange. The working leg performs a grande battement? My teacher always tells me, and I find this is more helpful, to lift the working leg (in my case only a few cm) only as high as you can jump. That also simplifies the joining-feet-in-air part, I think!

  2. Haha, yeah, I certainly haven’t been trying to grande-battement my way through the petit allegro! That’s a good tip, connecting the whole movement to how high you jump. Cos after all, it is a jump isn’t it? I think I’ve been more preoccupied with the brush bit!

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