Ballet on a Budget

I’ve just been re-sewing my elastic on to my flatties as the thread had become pulled. The laccys are still fine so I just quick-unpicked em and whipped some new Nymo in there in a swoony soft pink that is virtually invisible. No I will never stop going on about this stuff.

ANYWAY, it got me thinking about ballet money saving tips… And I really couldn’t think of many. Here’s what I’ve come up with…

1. Re-sew your laccys when they’re looking tired to make your flats go further. (Ohh tick, so thrifty!!)

2. Buy fewer leotards.

3. Make your own ballet skirt. Ok yes I am doing this, I’ve just been a bit poorly OK?!

4. Water bottle. I am shameful about this. I had a superfly gold coloured mountaineering space age thing. Which I lost. So now I’m back to rushing into Sainsburys Local before every single bloody class like an idiot. PAYING for water! This must end.

5. Walking to class. Happily doable for some of my classes, not for others. No, I am unable to ride a bike and remain alive in central London.

6. Repairing leotards. Tricky one this. I notice micro-tears lamf, and yes sorry I probably will if you have one too. So to throw or repair? Repairs will probably still be noticeable and interfere with line or my sense of not being a slattern. But theoretically, yes, leotards can be repaired.

If someone could tell me how to not ladder my expensive lovely tights I would love that. Honestly I asked for ballet tights for Christmas, they are precious. And the quality of fine ones is noticeable and makes a difference, don’t try to tell me fibs about those thick ones you can put a stitch in.

Pointe til you Drop says to recycle your Pointe ribbons – but mine have inexplicably got micro ladders in em already, I don’t even know how that is possible. Also I can imagine that Grishko method sewing doesn’t make for easy/viable re-use.

And… that’s it! To be honest I don’t think we really pay all that much for the quality professional teaching we get. Never mind what people spend on gyms and all that. I’d just love some more cash to spend on, hmmm…. a summer intensive!

Have you got any mega tips to share?

2 thoughts on “Ballet on a Budget

  1. Hi. I recently stumbled across your blog after reading your comment in adult beginner and I’d like to say how helpful your articles are. I’ve finally plucked up the. Courage to start ballet and I’ve aso started a blog. teenballet.WordPress. Com
    Thank you ☺

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