Going to the Ballet

Here’s my ballet-watching schedule that I’ve booked in for this year so far:

My fave danseur Eddy Watson as Leontes!

My fave danseur Eddy Watson as Leontes! (Image: ROH)

Tuesday 15th April: The Winter’s Tale, ROH. So soon, woop! This’ll be interesting – as a literature and theatre student (I was going to say scholar and then checked myself ha) I’m really interested in narrative ballet made from literary texts. I’m familiar, as well, with the world of Shakespeare purists, so I’m intrigued to compare and contrast dance-based criticism and Shakespeare- and text-based thought.

Thursday 19th June: Romeo and Juliet, RAH. Daria Klimentova’s last evening performance – she does one more matinee after this – before her retirement from ENB. Very excited for this! I saw Romeo and Juliet once as a tweenager and really wasn’t impressed, I was extremely serious about the power of literature and had next to no interest in dance. I wonder what my more mature and dance-loving self will make of this production.

Tuesday 12th August: Firebird/Marguerite et Armand, Mariinsky at the ROH. I really like Uliana Lopatkina, who is dancing in Firebird. I have no knowledge at all about either of these ballets so it will be a completely new experience for me. I’m really looking forward to watching a Russian company dancing, too.

Wishlist: Swan Lake is on this summer danced by the Mariinsky at the ROH. I have seen the Matthew Bourne version but never the classical ballet! I am very interested in seeing more Contemporary Ballet, too, especially in studio settings like the Linbury.  A company that I missed performing very recently – are Ballet Black returning to London this year I wonder?


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