Dancing with Daria – a masterclass with Daria Klimentová

A really cool insight into taking a masterclass with Daria!

London & Middlesex RAC

On Sunday 2nd March I was lucky enough to watch a masterclass with English National Ballet Principal Daria Klimentová, held at the Royal Academy of Dance.

The masterclass, entitled Celebrating Dance 2014 was a fundraising event, organised by the London and Middlesex Regional Advisory Committee, for the Frank Freeman Scholarship fund. The Frank Freeman Scholarship awards a week’s tuition on a 2014 RAD Summer School in London to one boy from the London and Middlesex region. The masterclass was open to students at Advanced 1 level or the equivalent with a question and answer session following for participants and observers.




Picture this, twenty-two students scattered about a studio stretching apprehensively, casting nervous glances about the room waiting for their teacher to enter the studio. As soon as Klimentová enters all eyes, both the students’ and the spectators’ are on her. After a brief introduction they’re ready to…

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