The Pirouette Quest continues; and a strange thing

Well y’all, I can report I’m turning clean full pirouettes on BOTH SIDES. Fairly good hit-miss ratio, left ankle a bit weaker and so not keeping releve as well on that side, but a resounding victory none the less! I’ve finally got my pirouette!

(And still struggling against labyrinthitis nausea and dizziness. Waltz turns were nnnooott happening.)

So! I’m one of the people who doesn’t mind going in first group on centre exercises now!

A strange thing: a classmate who I don’t know, a bloke, tapped me on the arm as I was stretching my calves after class. He says, You’re gripping the barre too hard. I responded kind of interestedly and he demonstrated a flat hand not even gripping the barre at all, just barely touching.

Two things here. First, am I being over sensitive, or is it weird to correct a classmate on something the teacher hasn’t commented on?

Secondly, and this is what I said, a different teacher I take class with says the complete opposite. The barre is there in lieu of a partner’s hand, so grip it but don’t break his wrist! A good grip helps with alignment. And also, the barre is there for a reason, otherwise why do we bother with it at all and not just head to the centre?

He didn’t seem convinced. But I’m not changing owt until Fab Teacher tells me! Any barre thoughts over here?


10 thoughts on “The Pirouette Quest continues; and a strange thing

  1. Both your classmate and your other teacher are right. I’m surprised your teacher hasn’t said anything about gripping the barre as it’s there to help you if you need it, but otherwise, you should be working towards not needing it. It’s also used as a partnering tool in some situations, but probably not the entirety of barre excercises.

  2. I always find it helpful to slightly push myself away from the barre for support rather than gripping the barre. This forces me to activate my core, and, when in center, I´m already “centered on my feet”…

    • That’s an interesting alternative – I might play around next time in class. Another thing: I’ve struggled a lot with “sitting” into my hip, something I’ve only just properly corrected. Thinking of myself in relation to the barre has definitely helped – involving some grip. I’m still defending self against over gripping though!! 🙂

  3. I would say that as long as you are not wrapping your fingers around the barre as if you were riding a motorcycle, it is OK! One very useful advice I got from Finis Jhung is “push down to go up.” Well, this advice is about how to make use of gravity (think releve). When you apply the concept of “push”, then you would definitely not wrap your fingers around the barre in the first place to order to lift yourself up. Another great technique Finis teaches is to slightly let go of your hand on the barre from time to time to test if you can balance on the support leg. If you can, that means you have the proper placement. Hope this helps!

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