So Lyrical

This is a fun thing at iSport:

Types of Ballerina

I am so lyrical. Ha! I mean, I don’t excel at anything in particular, but goddamnit I will PERFORM! And finish each combination as if I’m on stage being watched by the Queen. And do reverence like the poster of Alicia Alonzo I have on my wall. Just call me Fonteyn okrrr?

I think I possibly love adage more than I love everything else, but as I say I don’t think I’m measurably better at it or anything.

I’m going with Lyrical. What are you?

7 thoughts on “So Lyrical

  1. 🙂 I’m totally I jumper! Always have been. When I was younger I was also much more of a turner. When I was 12 or 13 a teacher exclaimed with regard to my particular skill set, “My! You should have been born a boy!” I knew what she meant, but really?!?! Ballet people can be so weird!

      • Haha! I know right. She most certainly did not! It was a pre-professional ballet school. She was making an observation/statement of fact… not a giving me permission to lose my mind 😛
        Luckily BoyMowgli appears to be quite a little jumper already as well… some things are genetic… and he WAS born a boy!

  2. I think I come closest to the Virtuosa. I recognize the part of not really being able to do really sweet and feminine roles. I have difficulty with not being a powerhouse at everything I do in dance, haha! That’s why contemporary dance is such a great outlet for me besides ballet.

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