Dance is the Word

I’m very excited to be able to take part in Dance is the Word 2014, a dance writing course run by the English National Ballet.

I got my confirmation through this morning, and the course starts on Saturday with writing workshops with some well known and respected dance writers, both print critics and bloggers. We’ll be attending and writing about the Emerging Dancer Awards, with opportunities to talk to the dancers themselves.

Hopefully I’ll be able to blog in a personal capacity about my experience and thrash out some writing questions with you lot! Keep your eyes on Twitter for updates and photos!

3 thoughts on “Dance is the Word

  1. As a relative novice to blogdom due to time constraints, I’m impressed with your set-up here! So glad you are part of this year’s ‘gang,’ representing yourself…and Leeds, and academia! 🙂 Hello from New Baltic Dance, Vilnius…

    • Thank you very much! Excited to be part of the project, and for new writing challenges. Hope you’re having a ball in the Baltic!

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