Dancing and Posing

I did some life modelling the other day. It’s something I’ve done for a little while, although usually in a traditional art classroom set-up. This time it was in a “salon” set-up, with a bar, and really nice friendly atmosphere. I actually got to see the pieces that everyone produced! Normally the easels are facing away from me and then the art is whisked away and no-one speaks to the model. But seeing people’s art on their knees or the floor as they worked and then chatting afterwards was really lovely.

I was thinking about how dance training helps me whilst I was holding my poses – my core strength has improved so much and really helps to keep as still as possible for the long poses. I pretended I was in the corps de ballet and had to hold my beautiful pose on stage, ha! I’ve also got a much better understanding of my own strength – at one point I was holding a very heavy (real) horse’s skull, and I had to figure out just for how long and what extension I could hold it. I even attempted a bit of a cambré back for one pose! A few artists asked if I was a dancer, as apparently I was holding my feet in demi-pointe an awful lot.

Here’s a particularly lovely piece produced with ink – you can also see some more pics on my twitter feed.  Do click around on twitter, and definitely follow @ArtMacabreLDN for more gothic fantasy life-drawing – and come along to a salon if you’re in the area!




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