I Heart Dance Tights

Uh muh gorssh you guys I have so much to catch up with you on.

But a dancewear delivery just came so I’ll start off with that.

So we all love DanceDirect, yes? Yes! And we all love obsessing over exact shades of balletic pink and matching our legs to our feet don’t we?


DanceDirect now stock Revolution’s “color-flow” tights – for only £3.80 footed and £6.90 convertible.

Three pounds eighty!!!

They come in an impressive colour range of: Pink, Classic Pink, Prima Pink, Dark Tan, Tan, White and Black.

From the colour wheel thingy the Pink looks to be a fairly red-toned pink (as opposed to a salmon) so I plumped for a Classic in footed and Prima in convertible to give em a whirl.

So straight out of the packet, the Classic Pink looks like a Nude shade to me – although I realise this is Nude as in my nude skin colour, and my nude skin colour is pink compared to most people on the planet. The Prima looks like a very exciting shade of classic old-fashioned ballerina pink arrghh.

Classic Pink (L); Prima Pink (R)

Classic Pink (L); Prima Pink (R)


The packet promises “Color that flows from tights to shoes” so let’s have a looky here…

Look how battered my satin flat ties are ha

Look how battered my satin flatties are ha

My flatties (stretch canvas and satin) are Bloch, and pointes are Capezio.

Compared to my usual Bloch footed tights - more like £12 a pop!

Compared to my usual Bloch footed tights – more like £12 a pop!

The Prima’s looking good, no?

Unlike usual “bargain” tights, these actually  have a proper waistband, and the gusset looks well constructed. The “grain” of the fabric (is that the right word??) looks fine as well – not coarse or loosely woven. And they feel mega soft!

The fabric mix is nylon/spandex as you’d expect. The packet promises “superior fit” which won’t bag, and “softness and durability”. Little bit skeptical as I’m used to having to fork out for branded tights that win over baggy/coarse “value” tights…

But you know what, they’re really comfy on. Admittedly there’s not as much support – you know that nice feeling that you’re being “held in” – as I expect from more expensive tights. And a few classes will see as to durability. But I’m pleasantly surprised!

Yes, I do want some white ones to wear with white satin shoes like a Russian diva…








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