A Canvas Rant

So you know I got some nice canvas shoes…

I’m still wearing my battered and laddered and grimy satin slippers.

This is why:


The backs keep slipping off my heels, which is a pain in the arse and also makes me feel like I’m going to go flying every time I attempt any turn. I have to pull them down when I’m waiting to go across the floor which is about as elegant as picking your leotard out of your bum.

This problem could be rectified if canvas slippers, like satin ones, came with elastics you could sew on yourself.


Do people really hate sewing that much? Do they retain it on satin slippers cos it’s somehow olde worlde dainty ballerina? I would have thought people were used to having to sew elastics and anyway everyone needs to do it for pointe shoes. So why just bang them on canvas slippers when everyone needs to adjust their shoes slightly for their own feet?

I’m going to have a go at unpicking and re-stitching, but I’m afraid that this may kill it rather than cure it…

Sorry for all the CAPS but it’s driving me mad. I love sewing and I love the fact I can fit my shoes to my feet perfectly. I also loved the line the canvas shoes, which were Bloch’s fancy-fancy stretch ones, gave my feet.

Back to lovely satin slippers. I’m well overdue for a shiny new pair!


3 thoughts on “A Canvas Rant

  1. Oh boo! You were so jazzed about them, too. ūüė¶ Sounds like you’ll have to get out the seam ripper…try not to hold it against the fabric. Most slippers of any material still require you to sew your own elastics. A few makers are making shoes with pre-sewn elastics, and a lot of people (including me) appreciate the ability to wear them out of the box… but that only works if they actually fit. :-/

  2. I’m super-late to the party, but I’m rather in the same camp. Part of me appreciates the idea of convenience inherent in shoes that come ready-to-wear, but another part of me (specifically, my feet) remains annoyed that the elastics are never sewn in such a way as to make them *not* peel off my heels. So, I clip out the existing stitches and start over, reminding myself all the while that sewing is part of the great tradition of ballet!

  3. I haven’t taken my stitch ripper to them yet, folks, I’m still wearing my satin ones which are now quite grey and sad!

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