Baroque Ballet

This Les Arts Florissants/Rameau event coming up at the Barbican in November looks truly fascinating.

The performers will recreate the courtly ballets of the French court, commissioned for the birth of the future King Louis XVI in 1754. (Yes, the Marie Antoinette Louis!)

I’m fascinated by ballet history, and my day job is researching eighteenth-century theatre, so this is an especially exciting prospect for me. I wonder how recognisable the dance technique will be, and if the same reasons I enjoy watching modern ballet will apply to this recreation of its roots? The blurb does say “re-imagining” so I’m keen to see how this works – will the steps performed be exactly what the French court would have viewed, and if not how have they been rechoreographed for modern audiences? So many questions!

The performance is 18th November and tickets start at £15.


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