Oh dear readers, I’ve had one of those breaks from blogging which we all need once in a while. Too much dealing with the written word you know, pass me my smelling salts.

Lots of new things to chat about though…

I saw the Nutcracker at Christmas of the very first time!

I saw Matthew Bourne’s Edward Scissorhands for my birthday!

I’ve completed a term at the Royal Academy of Dance in their adult learner’s programme, and am enrolled for a second.

I’ve had a taster class in the RAD’s Intermediate Foundation syllabus class and am looking forward to starting it as a regular class, hopefully preparing for the exam one of these days.

I may even become a total RAD luvvie and get some demi-pointes!!!

And, I really want to start writing about ballet history with a regular post sharing prints and ephemera from the past.

I’d like to know, is this interesting? Would you, the reader, like to see bits from the archive from British Ballet history? I don’t know exactly what I will find, but I know some of it will be pretty, some of it rude, and hopefully a good deal of it will be from periods of history that we don’t normally read a whole lot about. Let me know what you think!

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