4 thoughts on “Tools of the Trade

  1. I was just coming here to comment about how pretty satin slippers are! WeDo totally beat me to it! Looks like they wear in really pretty too. I have never seen them in stores, but maybe it’s one of those things you don’t see until you’re looking. I’m going to start looking.

    • When I read this comment (all those months ago…) I was actually in the States! And the EXACT SAME DAY I had been chatting to my American ballerina friend about how no-one really wears them in the States and she hadn’t seen them for sale!
      Then this September I was back int he States again, and dancing, and someone mistook them for pointe shoes cos she’d not seen satin slippers before.
      I wonder why this is? I mean, not many people really wear them over here tbh, I just love the look and persist in wearing them!

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