Touch Therapy (when you’re brassic)

I’m furiously researching massage therapies at a low cost in London. I’m a big believer in the efficacy of touch therapy and I think especially at this time of year as the dark draws in it can be such a big boost to wellbeing.

I live in central London, not the easiest of places to find anything at low cost, so I thought sharing my findings would be pretty useful.


Believe it or not, Clarins Spa in Peter Jones offers really good value for money on massage!  With a guideline London price starting at £60 for 60mins, Clarins’ 85min aromatherapy massage for £57 is really reasonable. If you are able to book a block, you can buy 6 treatments for the price of 5 as well. I have tried this one out and it a really good quality, truly full-body massage. They do seem to have a really busy diary, so expect to book at least a couple of weeks in advance.


Student salons offer  good low-cost options. Although they are often busier treatment environments, (and, sorry, some students are more proficient than others!) you do have the benefit of your student therapist being supervised by a professional.  The London School of Beauty Therapy offers full body massage for £25, and adds scalp massage for £3 extra.

The London School of Beauty and Make-Up (which used to be known as Esthetique) offers  a good range of different massage treatments starting from £20. Their 90min aromatherapy massage is £35. You also have the option with some of the massage treatments to book with a qualified therapist as opposed to a student for a bit extra.


Different therapists and clinics have different concessionary policies – some do offer student discounts, or set aside an off-peak slot on a weekday for treatments at reduced cost. More often, concessionary rates are available for those with long-term illness/disability, those in receipt of benefits and retired people. If you fit the bill, you can check out :

BodyWise, which offer a range of low-cost therapies including massage at a flat rate of £25 in Bethnal Green. Added bonus, they’re above a great vege cafe!

HandsInc., again in East London, they have clinics in Stoke Newington and Clapton, and offer massage starting at £17.

I’m hoping to add to the list as I continue researching this!


I’m also learning more about Biodynamic Psychotherapy, which is a form of psychotherapy that involves massage.

The London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy in Highgate runs a fortnightly student clinic on Thursdays, with treatment at £20. They have a list of therapists too, some of whom are able to offer concessionary rates.

More on this as I find out more!



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