Dressing Up

Of course I went as a ballerina for Hallowe’en! It involves minimal expense and I was making a tutu skirt anyway!

(It’s a fashion tutu, rather than a true romantic tutu, and I will post about making it soon.)


If you’re disappointed that it’s not scary, just call it the Ghost of Fonteyn. Or Myrtha. Or Giselle when she’s DED.

Pleeeease no placement critique because I had already been drinking by this point, and it was radioactive green, and I very rarely take pictures of myself balletically speaking and as soon as the photo has been taken I criticise myself way more than you could ever hope to attempt to do, so just DON’T OK!? Ok then.


The wonderful diva stage makeup was from a tutorial by Kathryn Morgan, who is a former soloist with NYCB and posts loads of really useful dance videos. Check out her different dance make-up looks, and her stretching routines.

I have no idea why I look so arsey in this photo.

I have no idea why I look so arsey in this photo.

Of course when I had had more of the radioactive green stuff I was teaching people how to do pirouettes and piqué turns. An educational time was had by all.

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