Thinking through Pas de Basque

Unfortunately this is the best I could find on Youtube, only 17 seconds-worth:

But wait!

Here is lovely with a verbal break-down of the step:

Don’t over think it though, it’s just a quick: prepare, quarter circle, hop onto it, step through.

They can come from the front or back.
-tendu fondue front
-quarter ronde de jambe to the side
-your legs out to the side, imagine you are already half way through a glissade and finish the glissade (toward the tendu foot) closing the old standing foot front).
-chase forward to tendu back. (alternately you just bring the closing leg in through coup de pied and just step forward… depends on what’s given)

But don’t over think it. It’s a lovely step when you just let it happen


Amazing, right? Like having your own personal instruction manual!

I need words to help think things through, even when the thinking is in my body, as in dance. Perhaps this is why my favourite teacher is very vocal, with a hilarious phrase for just about everything to boot. Port de bras over to the barre? Swim with the dolphins!



Plz help a reader with her Pirouette Problem!

Excellent hive-mind help for a dancer with pirouette worries! Similar problems over here – I am yet to truly get my pirouette, too. I do think confidence is a big issue. And starting off with quarter-turns is not a technique that’s been used in my classes. Give it a good read all you pirouette over-thinkers!!

Adult Beginner

Got this email from a reader.
Let’s called her K-boom.
K-boom needs pirouette help, you guys.
K-boom says:

“I’ve been taking classes seriously for 2 years, 2-3 times a week. I am the ONLY person in my class who cannot do a pirouette. I can balance in passé, spot etc. but I cannot do even one turn. Its gotten to be a “thing.” Two teachers have said its all in my head since I have the requisite skills but its getting ridiculous. I mean, I actually felt like crying from frustration in class last night. The more I practice, the worse it gets. Basically, what happens most of the time is I “fall” out of the turn when I get halfway around. I have also fallen on my ass more times than I care to admit. I am hoping if you make this a post, lots of people will write…

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