I just love this!
One thing I was thinking though was bloody hell those ballerinas don’t earn in a year what those footballers earn in a week.
If I was in charge that’d change. But apart from that, enjoy this video! I love the way they look at the women so attentively.

So Lyrical

This is a fun thing at iSport:

Types of Ballerina

I am so lyrical. Ha! I mean, I don’t excel at anything in particular, but goddamnit I will PERFORM! And finish each combination as if I’m on stage being watched by the Queen. And do reverence like the poster of Alicia Alonzo I have on my wall. Just call me Fonteyn okrrr?

I think I possibly love adage more than I love everything else, but as I say I don’t think I’m measurably better at it or anything.

I’m going with Lyrical. What are you?