Crochet Shorties; and the time I danced at the Royal Opera House.

I made these crochet warm-up shorties!


They’re slightly adapted from a pattern in Geek Chic Crochet by Nicki Trench. (A lovely Christmas present from my step-mum.)

I made the legs much shorter, and the waist much higher in order to cover the whole of my pelvis, and kept the scallop detail to just the legs. The ribbon is grosgrain and keeps fast in place throughout class (tested!).  They’re bulkier than the fine-knit shorties you get from, say, Harmonie, but the custom fit means my bum is satisfactorily covered – a problem for me with dancewear made for the traditional ballet dancer shape! – and much more importantly, the hip flexors are kept super toasty warm.

I celebrated with a cheeky photoshoot at the Royal Opera House.

Yes, that's ten bellinis please.

Yes, that’s ten bellinis please.

I’m making a skirt.

Super-fabulous Adult Beginner has a lovely, simple and very informative (GRAIN. I get it now!) tutorial for making your own ballet skirt. (HERE)

My ballet friend very kindly gave me a navy leotard the other day. And it just so happens that I rent a huge hole in a navy chiffon dress a couple of weeks ago! Boooom.

I love wearing skirts to class. I love the little knitty shorties too… but the translucent veil-like drapes of a skirt can’t be beaten. Photos when I’ve completed my ensemble!