Satin slippers

I’ve always chosen satin flats since I’ve started dancing. Actually, when I went to (a very few) ballet classes as a little girl my mum put me in gorgeous little satin slippers and not the creaky leather ones everyone else in my class wore. Divaahh…

At the moment I have Bloch’s split-sole satin shoes. They’re actually due for replacement very soon – the ball of my big toe is rubbing through on both sides. I KNOW canvas lasts longer! I know you can pop your canvas shoes in the wash! I may even try on some canvas ones in the shop! But I know I’ll buy some little satin beauties.  My reasoning is that –

a) they’re cheaper

b) on my amateur class schedule they’re not going to wear out anytime soon

c) they keep their shape fine and my feet are very comfortable

d) I absolutely love the lustre of satin. I love how it feels to the touch and on the floor. I love the precise colour of Bloch’s pale salmon-y nude-y pink.

Maybe I’m buying into the mystique of the satin-and-tulle ballerina -but satin slippers just look SO GOOD. Why does nobody wear them?


I spent too much money on ballet tickets…


They’re for Daria Klimentova’s LAST PERFORMANCE with the English National Ballet!

Are you swooning yet?


oh yes

She’s dancing Juliet with Vadim Muntagirov as Romeo

At the Royal Albert Hall. In the round. Just casual, like.

Here comes the sad part…

It’s not til June!

I admire Daria so much. Have you seen the ENB three-part documentary? I found the first two on YouTube but the third part was so pixelly and rubbish I gave up. The first part followed the company as they rehearsed Swan Lake. Daria was only dancing Odette/Odile as a rehearsal stand-in before some flashy Russian was scheduled to fly in two seconds before the opening curtain or something and take over. She gets given so much outrageous crap by the director and just gets on with it, with grace and good humour. Of course we know now that she did open in that production of Swan Lake and her and Vadim’s performance sparked the renaissance of Daria’s career and drew comparisons with Fonteyn and Nureyev from the critics. HA!

Expect a lot of Daria love in the next few months.