Keep On Keepin’ On

I’ve been really rather poorly lately, and missed out on a lot of important things, including class and the ENB Dance Writing Course. I’m so disappointed, but trying not to be too hard on myself; these things happen. I’m heading out shortly for Sunday class and beginner’s pointe and my challenge to myself is to journal it and blog it.

How do you keep positive after illness or coming back after an injury? I can’t wait to get back to class, but I’m also feeling daunted about maybe having lost flexibility or lost progress on the things I find challenging. And keeping up with pointe group!

In other news I have some very cute knitty shorties that I’ve made whilst laid up poorly – photos to come!


Pirouettes for health

I’ve been feeling quite poorly over the past week or so and not taking as many classes as I usually like to. After a rough weekend I’ve gone to the doctors and it turns out I have labyrinthitis!

This is an inner ear infection which makes you dizzy and disorientated, and quite often nauseous. I have some meds to help with the dizziness, but unfortunately just have to wait for the virus itself to shift. There are some guidelines here from the Brain and Spine Foundation in the UK about exercises you can do as therapy – the thinking is that if you do exercises that actually make you feel more dizzy, it trains the brain to cope with with all the weird info its being sent from your inner ear.

The NHS summarises the benefits of this kind of therapy like this:

co-ordinate your hand and eye movements
stimulate sensations of dizziness so your brain starts to get used to disruptive signals sent by your vestibular system and then ignores them
improve your balance and walking ability
improve your strength and fitness


Which kind of sounds like what happens in ballet class doesn’t it??

I’ve had no contraindications from my doctor about exercise or anything like that, so I suppose it’s up to me how often I want to go to class. To be honest some days it just feels too difficult. But I wonder if powering on through class (being mindful of how I’m feeling of course) could actually help me get better, quicker?